Learn to ask valuable questions and become fascinated by the living science of Yoga. This training is meant for students, current teachers, and aspiring teachers. Students will receive detailed instruction in philosophy, pranayama, the eight limbs of ashtanga (classical), ancient texts, the energetic body (chakras, koshas, gunas, etc), mantra, old cleansing techniques (shat karmas), Ayurveda principles, and ethics. Instruction may also include brief introductions to Buddhism and Taoism as well as different styles of asana including Iyengar, Yin, & Restorative.

July 16 – 27th AND January 14 – 25th

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm daily

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You will leave our school with:

• a balanced personal practice

• the skills to teach

• thorough knowledge of the Primary Series (the foundation that grew vinyasa) & an ability to teach it

• an ability to ‘read’ bodies and use yogic practices (asana, meditation, pranayama and more) as medicine

• useful, retainable anatomy knowledge

• confidence performing adjustments

• an ability to meditate and teach meditation

• an ability to teach yoga nidra

• a clear understanding of how to design classes & private lessons for optimal results

Nonrefundable $500 deposit due May 1st
Total Cost: $3100
3 Installment Payment Plan Optional