We know coming into a new space can be intimidating. Trying a new thing can be scary and feel similar to being the new kid at school. Not to worry, we remember what our first classes were like and are here to help. It is important to approach your yoga with the idea that it is, and always will be, a practice. It is never meant to be perfect.

Having said that, there are many styles from which to choose. We advise you to try out many different styles and teachers to find the right fit for you, for now. It’s important to remember, in your search, that no two teachers are alike. Explore, invite, excite or calm down. Just ask yourself, “why do I want to practice yoga and what do I need?” Then, feel free to share your answer with us. We can point you in a direction to start your journey.

Reservations are encouraged. Classes can fill up quickly.
Arrive early and be sure to introduce yourself to the teacher. Let them know how much experience you have, or about any injuries or illness.
Bring a mat and towel. We do have studio mats available if you don’t own one yet.
Bring water. We have water for refills but do not keep cups to cut down on waste.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
Try to eat at least one hour before doing yoga; two hours is even better.
For additional information please see our Studio Etiquette and Location pages
Remember, the only thing you are obligated to do in a yoga class is show up and
breathe. Everything else is optional.