Saturday, April 21, 1:00 – 4:30pm with Sarah Fye & Sarah Jane Chapman

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Join body love enthusiast Sarah Fye and Intuitive Eating expert Sarah Jane Chapman as they help you break through your negative body image and bring light to the splendor of your feminine form. Together we will discover the art of self-love, creating confidence and personal value through the use of meditation, movement, and intuitive eating.

Meet the Instructors
Sarah Fye is a local Nashville mover and shaker. Her experience as a dancer who was always self-conscious about her “bigger” body brought her down the pathway to finding her own body confidence. Sarah teaches dance and yoga and coaches women on how to manifest greatness through creating self-love and using it as a mirror to attract the desires of their heart. Outside of teaching movement and meditation, Sarah is an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian. She loves to make people laugh and seeks joy in every situation.

Sarah Jane Chapman has been on an Intuitive Eating journey since the beginning of 2015. After years of dieting and disordered eating, she had enough of hating her body and having anxiety around food. She worked through the program while diving into a loving- kindness meditation practice to cultivate self-love and acceptance. She brings this compassion and curiosity to her yoga classes and massage sessions. She also co-created an Intuitive Eating Group that meets monthly for support through the process of learning to listen to our own inner wisdom.