Ashlee K Thomas

Yoga practice is the parallel road that runs alongside the path of life. It is about finding your satya, your truth. It is about finding the love of oneself, and therefore finding more love and compassion for others. It is about letting go and accepting the natural flow of your authentic path.

Brent Coleman

I spent most of my life in Awe of music. I wanted to be able to play everything I heard and create whatever I was feeling.

My exploration of Yoga began the same way. Seeing yogis move with such grace through seemingly impossibly challenging postures inspired my new obsession. Why not me?

Brett Williams

I started practicing at 19 in San Francisco out of a deep dissatisfaction of religion, academia, philosophy and my perceived life options. I went to a yoga class and the teacher was real-deal. She was given a seven year teacher training by her teacher Dharminidhi Saraswati and was initiated in the Saraswati lineage. I immediately wanted to know what she knew.

Emily Davidson-Nemoy

Emily attended her first yoga class in 2000 upon the recommendation of a college advisor who had just completed a yoga teacher-training program. Next came years of practice where she didn’t show up for weeks and months at a time. But she was hooked—smitten—even though the practice was not easy, and all her “ego stuff” was starting to shine through.

Gillian St. Clair

Nomadic from birth, being raised by traveling ministers. Seriously, with my older siblings, two cats, and a dove, we traveled all over Europe and the US listening to my mother teach (I would say preach but she didn’t, she taught). It’s funny how “traveling, sitting, and listening” has become such a huge part of my adult life. The “sitting and listening” part took me a long time to come to terms with.

Heather Allaman

Through yoga, I guide people into connection and communication with their bodies. I create a comforting space for growth and healing to occur from within any body. I specialize in working with people who have scoliosis and back pain.

Jan Fox

Yoga is medicine that enhances every aspect of my life. Practice and recovery has transformed childhood dysfunction, depression and addiction – amazing! Wholehearted gratitude along with pure unconditional love towards myself and others empowers acceptance all around.

Jess Amend

Oh, yoga! How do I love thee…?

I am completely smitten with yoga, head over heels. Yoga is much like life, in that, it is what you choose to let it be. It can be simply exercise. You come, you move, you sweat, you leave, so good!!

Unlike other forms of exercise I have experienced, it offers the possibility for so much more.

Kerry Sokolowski

Kerry became a steady practitioner of yoga in 2003. In 2016, she completed her 200 hour teacher training with the Hathavidya yoga school at Steadfast and True yoga studio in Nashville, TN.

Kristen Stanley

I first discovered yoga more than a decade ago in my hometown of Ithaca, NY. At first, I was drawn to the physical practice of yoga. I loved how strong I quickly became, how the tension in my body melted away, how I became more and more flexible. The more I practiced, the more I noticed the mental and emotional effects of my practice.